Week Three ~ Pilate & Procula, His Wife

Themes:  Spiritual emptiness, faith, truth

Scriptural Basis:  Matthew 27:11-23

2018 Lent Drama Series.

Week One ~ Pilate & Caiaphas, The High Priest

Themes: Authority, Paranoia, Tyranny

Scriptural Basis:  Mark 14:53-65

​Lutheran Church in Whitewood SD
Immanuel Lutheran Church - NALC in Whitewood SD
​​A North American Lutheran Church in Whitewood SD

Week Four ~ Pilate & Judas, the Betrayer.
Themes: Greed, Betrayal, Conspiracy.
Scriptural Basis: John 12:4-6, 13:21-30.

Week Two ~ Pilate & Herod Antipas, Ruler of Galilee.  Themes: Obedience, Power, Identity. 

Scriptural Basis: Luke 22:24-27​​

Week 5; Pilate & Peter, the Weak Disciple.
Themes: Denial, Remorse, Belief.
Scriptural Basis: Luke 22:54-62